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Data mining in poker - definition of the term | Poker ... Data mining is a process of gathering information about poker hands played by other players at the games in which player doesn’t participate personally. The gathering of the information in poker can be made with the help of such programs as Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker, but usually specialized web sites (services) do the job. One could make a subscription on getting hands at the ... Online Poker and Data Mining | Pokerology.com Online Poker & Data Mining. By Gerald Hanks | March 24, 2009 You walk into a live poker room for the first time, carrying your racks of red chips to your assigned seat at the $2/$5 no-limit hold’em table. You sit down and look around at some of your opponents: Data Mining Software for Online Poker

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A brief look at the history of WoW data mining In the patch 5.4 files, released last summer, we got our first clues as to what would become Warlords of Draenor with a data folder named Iron Horde ... IdleMiner - The Datamining Software Known as Idle Miner

Índice de contenidos: ¿Qué es el Data Mining? ¿Data Mining y Big Data son lo mismo? ¿Qué ventajas nos aporta el Data Mining? La realización de base de datos se ha vuelto una acción fundamental para las empresas, ya que les permiten crear estrategias para conseguir nuevos clientes o fidelizar a los habituales.Pero a consecuencia de la generación masiva de datos, nos encontramos frente ...

Poker Strategy: Tips for Set Mining - Ignition Casino Blog Poker Strategy: Tips for Set Mining. December 19, 2017 submitted by Ignition Casino. It’s always nice to start a hand of Texas Hold’em with a pocket pair. Or is it? Those smaller pairs (Deuces up to Fives) can be tricky to play.

A COMPILATION OF DATA MINING APPLICATIONS: This webpage collects a group of data mining news which attracted my attention. The news are grouped in an intuitive way. I use these links for teaching issues. Although the used methodology is mentioned, they are written in a divulgative style, where emphasis is put on the problem solved.

El data mining y la importancia de la visualización de datos Los pasos que incluye cualquier proceso de data mining empiezan con una selección de los datos a tratar en función de variables de predicción y cálculo, es decir, de un conjunto de variables objetivas y otro de variables independientes: las primeras son las que guían la elección en función de los objetivos que se persiguen con el ... Set Mining Explained - Online Poker Strategy - PokerVIP (bluff.) Conversely, if villain has a weak range but is also quite passive, it may not be a profitable set-mining opportunity. Villain has a deep stack – If we can potentially make way more than we need to post-flop, this is very good for our implied-odds. In general, the deeper the stacks, the better the set-mining opportunity. Data Mining Aplicado a la Predicción y Tratamiento de ... Árboles de decisiones, Data Mining aplicado a la predicción y tratamiento de enfermedades, Algoritmos de predicción, Data Mining aplicado al sector salud. INTRODUCCIÓN Hoy en día hay una cantidad excesiva de información que necesita ser estudiada, analizada y depurada para convertirla en conocimiento, dicha información es indispensable y ... Data Mining Software: 888poker has a Change of Heart